About Us

Competitive Energy Insight, established in 1997, provides project finance and transaction structuring consulting services and software. Our following includes dozens of established industry players including Banks, Sponsor Equity, Tax Equity, Developers, Government, Utility and Public entities.  CEI's software tools and services have been actively applied to many Billions of Dollars of projects and our staff is amongst the most experienced in the industry. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Project Finance and Transaction Structuring/Tax Benefit Monetization Services including Limited Partnership and Leasing Structures applied to the monetization of renewable energy tax benefits
  • Custom 'Client-Directed' Financial Modeling Services, and
  • Licensing of the EconExpert Financial Modeling Suite, a robust and proven suite of standardized, mature and highly automated Excel-based software tools applied broadly for the analysis and financing of infrastructure and commercial/behind-the-meter investments.

The EconExpert Financial Modeling Suite is standardized, robust and can be broadly applied to any renewable energy, fossil or combined heat and power transaction.   And, our software products and services have been instrumental in the financing of many Billions of dollars of infrastructure investments.

All of the EconExpert tools are completely customizable and auditable, complementing Excel's interactive architecture. Importantly, however, the EconExpert models are far more than just spreadsheets. Behind each EconExpert model is powerful Visual Basic programming which provides highly advanced menu driven functionality and automation that takes Excel and your analysis capability to a completely new level. Provided below is a schematic of the EconExpert modeling suite.