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On-site energy projects involve interrelated technical and economic factors. Fully understanding those factors and their relationships is critical to your success, whether you’re investing, operating the plant or selling equipment. Importantly, EconExpert-DG supports these analyses from the perspective of any stakeholder in a transaction, allowing the user to fully and completely understand the economics of on-site generation investments from their own viewpoint as well as from the viewpoints of each of their partners and their negotiating counterparts.

EconExpert-DGTM addresses all of the key technical and economic issues associated with DG/CHP or Energy Savings projects including: 


  • Site electric and thermal demand

  • Tariffs

  • Project scheduling

  • Escalation

  • Equipment performance

  • Fuel pricing

  • Investment costs

  • Operations & maintenance costs

  • Contract structures

  • Financing

  • Rebates, and

  • Income taxes

Wizard and menu driven, EconExpert-DG is a fully automated tool that is easy-to-use and performs full investment

quality financial analysis. Excel-based, EconExpert-DG bridges the worlds of the CFO, engineer, salesman and customer, supporting the analysis of savings and risks from the perspective of any stakeholder in a transaction including your company, your business partners, your customers and your competitors.

Power, Flexibility and Automation! 

  • Fully Customizable. EconExpert-DG’s unique architecture allows you to customize the analysis of any project, from simple deal screening to detailed contract, tariff and operating analysis.

  • Automated Input Wizards simplify analysis by guiding you through the set-up of the model.

  • Organized Reports. Summary cash flow reports are complemented by a full suite of detailed operating, cash flow and financial statements.

  • Automated Risk Analysis. Automated Sensitivities produce powerful Tornado Diagrams to evaluate project upsides and risks.

  • Fully Documented. Built-in menus, tutorials, on-line help and clear user’s manuals are complemented by an on-line training program to assist you in productively using the model.

What EconExpert-DG will do for you?

  • Save you time. A proven tool in the industry, EconExpert-DG lets your team focus on developing and closing deals rather than managing spreadsheets.

  • Analyze transactions over the full business cycle from quick deal screening to detailed transaction modeling.

  • Evaluate transactions from the perspective of any stakeholder. Now you can model projects from the perspective of the any party involved in that transaction. Knowledge is negotiating power. Evaluate the deal as it affects you and as it affects those you’re negotiating with.

  • Understand tariffs. EconExpert-DG will address any tariff structure.

  • Financing options. EconExpert-DG will allow you to address any financing scenario from owner-financed projects, to conventional and advanced financing techniques and operating leases.

  • Summary and detailed reports. The model meets your needs for information from presentations to bank quality reporting.

  • Powerful Graphics provide pictorial views of the analysis for use in proposals and presentations.

  • Automated Sensitivity Analyses support the evaluation of risks including Tornado Diagrams and Line Charts (see cover of brochure) that allow you to compare risk factors.