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The EconExpert-“MAESTRO” Electronic DataBookTM  is an Excel-based “productivity tool” that integrates with the full suite of EconExpert models, and with any custom models that you independently develop.  Importantly EconExpert-Maestro will perform these task with virtually any Excel Spreadsheet or Excel Report*.   A revolutionary advancement in Microsoft Excel, EconExpert-“MAESTRO”is a powerful and intuitive “Master-Controller-Spreadsheet” that:

  •  From a Single Input File assembles inputs for multiple case, scenario and project analyses,
  •  Automatically Links to Other Workbooks using Wizards, feeding data to other spreadsheets, 
  • Pulls Results Back to a Single Results File, re-assembling the results back to the EDB workbook, and
  • Manage and Organize your Data, combining what in-the-past required multiple workbooks, staging them from a single “Master Controller” EconExpert-MAESTRO” file. 
  • Perform Automated Scenario Analysis and Comparisons.  Automatically audit and compare results between any two tables in any model.*
  • Develop Automated Portfolio Statements.   Developed consolidated reports from any table in EconExpert or any custom table you develop.*
Importantly, MAESTRO is intuitive and “Wizard Driven” allowing you to process and to save dozens of cases and scenarios in a single workbook and providing advanced tools to support analyzing the results generated in all of your spreadsheets.

EconExpert-“MAESTRO” is Easy to Use! 

  • Wizard Driven, Maestro walks you through all of the set-up with a straight-forward “Automated User-Interface”.
  • Completely customizable, and adaptable to EconExpert Models and to your own custom models, utilize one accurate and reliable integrated module for every transaction you evaluate. Take advantage of a proven, reliable, standardized and consistent tool that is applicable from the perspective of every project stakeholder,
  •  A Powerful Productivity Tool that will save you time and make you money!

EconExpert-“MAESTRO” brings new and powerful capabilities to your desktop and to Excel.

  •  Quickly and Easily Generate New Cases from existing ones simply by copying and pasting the input list from one case to another and then changing appropriate selected inputs,
  • Automate Comparisons between cases identifying critical factors, that when changed drive results,
  • Develop Analyses that Combine Multiple Models into a Portfolio, providing Consolidated Revenue, Expense, Financing Book and Cash Statements for a combination of many distinct projects, while preserving individualities associated each project model.

A screen shot of the EconExpert-Maestro Global Inputs Wizard is provided below.  This is one of the many easy to use and powerful wizards in the tool that guide you through the organized analysis, comparison and consolidation of worksheets.




 * Note:  Automated consolidation and comparison currently require data to be oriented as follows  (Months, Quarters or Years by column,   Data Catagory by Row)