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Analysis of Hourly Operations of Combined Heat and Power Facilities

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Hourly Hospital Load ProfileUtility tariffs are complex!  A true understanding of the comparative economics of purchasing energy or displacing energy purchases with on-site generation, requires insight into the time related factors that influence the economics of on-site generation.   EconExpert-IAT allows you to perform hourly on-site generation analysis simply, quickly and accurately, using raw metering data or by simulating load profiles for virtually any building type, against virtually any tariff, and for virtually any equipment, application or technology. 

EconExpert-IAT is an automated Excel-based model that simulates hourly energy usage and on-site generation for any industrial or commercial electric power, renewable energy, combined heat and power or cogeneration project. Input data to the model includes:

  • Site electric and thermal use profiles.

  • Electric and gas tariffs.

  • Operating characteristics of equipment and facilities.

Inputs to the model include:





  • Raw 15, 30 or 60 minute interval electric and thermal Data for the site, or
  • Proxy hourly profiles generated and matched to electric and gas bills using the EnergyShape* database.
  • Electric and gas tariff data from published utility tariffs.
  • Facility operating data.

These factors, when properly evaluated, will reveal the hour-to-hour dynamics of energy use and on-site generation. Now the site owner, engineer and developer can fully understand, optimize and maximize the profitability of:

  • Energy purchases as a function of season and time-of-day.
  • The optimum sizing of on-site generation.
  • The efficient use of waste heat.
  • Sales or excess production.

EconExpert-IAT looks at each time interval and determines the optimum for buying, producing and/or selling energy. It then reports the results including graphical profiles and monthly bills before and after any action. The results are aggregated to provide a complete understanding of electric purchases and alternatives of on-site generation.   
EconExpert-IAT is:

  • Fully Customizable. EconExpert-IAT’s unique architecture allows you to customize your analysis for any project, load profile or technology.
  • Wizard Driven. The model interviews you as you analyze tariffs, operating costs, optimized self-generation & waste heat use, maintenance cycles and energy sales or net metering.
  • Integrated with the EconExpert-EnergyShape* Database. Proxy thermal and electric load profiles can be generated to match bills when detailed metering data is not available.
  • Fully Integrated with EconExpert-DG. Results from EconExpert-IAT can be automatically imported into the EconExpert-DG financial model allowing you to perform full discount cash flow and financial analysis based on detailed load profile & interval dispatch analysis.

Results are reported in simple aggregated tables and graphics that summarize hourly computations by time-of-production pricing and period.

IAT Aggregated Report

Load Duration Curves provide simplified understanding of what transpires during complex and constantly changing hourly operating scenarios

Load Duration Curve

* EnergyShape is a product licensed by CEI from Primen Corporation, an affiliate of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).