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Photovoltaic Applications for Commercial Installations / Behind the Meter

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On-site energy projects involve interrelated technical and economic factors. Fully understanding those factors and their relationships is critical to your success, whether you’re investing, operating the plant or selling equipment. Importantly, EconExpert-DG for PV or WindTM supports these analyses from the perspective of any stakeholder in a transaction, allowing the user to fully and completely understand the economics of on-site PV or Wind investments from their own viewpoint as well as from the viewpoints of each of their partners and their negotiating counterparts.

EconExpert-DG for PV or Wind addresses all of the key technical and economic issues associated with behind the meter PV or Wind investments including:

  • Site electric demand
  • Utility Electric rates and tariffs
  • Project scheduling
  • PV / Wind facility performance
  • Investment costs
  • Operations & maintenance costs
  • Contract structures
  • Financing
  • Rebates and renewable energy credits, and
  • Income tax benefits and alternative techniques for monetizing them. 

Wizard and menu driven, EconExpert-DG for PV or Wind is a fully automated tool that is easy-to-use and performs full investment quality financial analysis. Excel-based, EconExpert-DG bridges the worlds of the CFO, engineer, salesman and customer, supporting the analysis of savings and risks from the perspective of any stakeholder in a transaction including your company, your business partners, your customers and your competitors.

 The EconExpert-DG for PV or Wind Model Global Inputs Wizard Interviews the User 


 The EconExpert-DG for PV or Wind Model Provided Full Book and Cash Accounting and is Completely Auditable

Tornado Diagrams Provide a Clear Understanding of the Relative Sensitivity of Deal Economics to Changes in Assumptions