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Click Here to Download the   "Click-Stop Add-In"

This Click-Stop Add-In works with the EconExpert Financial Proforma to bypass certain automated warning messages that Excel may issue.   These warning messages are non-critical and have no consequence on the calculations performed by the models, but can be bothersome since they require the user to click "OK" when they appear, even though they are not consequential. 

Please click on the link above to download the CEI "Click-Stop Add-In".  Click-Stop suppresses a nuciense windows error message ("Not Enough System Resources to Display Completely") that depending on your computer resources may come up from time-to-time.  This message is not material relative to the functionality of EconExpert and can be ignored.  The Add-In basically automatically clicks on the "OK" button that appears in this message box allowing the user to continue working without having to manually click on "OK".

A couple of important notes:

1.  On some computers / video cards, a "ghost-image" of the referenced message may still appear on your screen even with Click-Stop installed.  You can ignore this ghost image and continue working as if it is not there.  The shadow will disappear of you page-up, page-down, highlight the area where the message box is or change worksheets.

2.  On the first install, it may be necessary to restart your computer for the automated install to take effect.  You can manually install Click-Stop at anytime by clicking on the "Green H" icon in the clickstop folder.  When click-stop is installed, the "Green H" will appear in your icon tray.

3.  Some virus scanners may detect this "safe" add-in application as a threat since the add-in interfaces with the Windows Operating System.  As a result, it may be necessary to set up the settings on your virus scanner allow this application to install. 

Instructions on installing addin are included in the download. 

If you have questions about this application, please feel free to contact CEI (858) 566 - 0221.