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Renewable energy applications including Wind, Solar (PV and Thermal), Biomass, Digester Gas, Geothermal, and others, will together contribute to the re-electrification of the US over the next decade. Currently over 30 states have enabled renewable energy portfolio standards requiring on the order of 115,000 MW of new renewable generation by the 2025.  This represents about 5 times the amount of currently installed capacity.  The passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, H.R. 1424 in October of 2008 extends production tax credits for wind and biomass projects brought on-line before January 1st of 2010, the extends 30% investment tax credit for solar through 2016, while providing new incentives for small wind, CHP and other small scale behind the meter applications.

Now, private ownership of renewable energy investments has reemerged and refocused on a new class of project developers and a complete new set of technologies of choice, spirited by the need for clean energy and national energy independence. This renewed interest a variety of technology options ranging including wind, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, biomass and geothermal power applications.

This further emphasizes the importance of developing an accurate understanding of the economic drivers and risks associated with investments in power project investments including:

  • Project schedule

  •  Techology options and comparisons

  •  Wholesale and retail electric tarriff price forecasting and senstivity analyses 

  •  Price projections for fuel and raw materials including biomass

  •  Project development expenses and permitting

  •  Capital investment requirements and cost risk

  • Operating expenses

  • Financing costs and other “soft cost”

  • Renewable energy credits

  • Tax incentives and techniques for monetizing and allocating those incentives

  • Entity structures (partnerships, on/off balance sheet, C-corp., leases or other)  

Ocean Wind

All of these factors will have a direct impact on the economic feasibility and risk associated with investments in renewable energy. Whether you’re investing in, operating or selling equipment to the energy projects, fully understanding the related technical and economic issues associated with ownership and operation of these projects is critical to your success.

CEI’s experienced project development team and advanced software products are ready to help you understand and address these challenges.

The Elements of a Profitable Own and Operate Business


Those who have achieved success as owner / operators did not do so as the result of chance. Success was achieved as the result of a thorough and methodically executed business plan that envisions:



  • The short term objectives of closing deals and operating assets with positive cash flow, and

  • The long term objectives of assembling an integrated portfolio of smoothly operating assets that not only deliver operating income but that can be valued and recapitalized by the financial community.

These principles are the fundamental basis of the business and project development, contracting, financing and asset management approach that CEI can help you to achieve. 

Most in the industry seem to have fairly recognized the importance of good engineering, sound technology and well performed maintenance as important elements of a successful Ownership and Operation Business.  Often however, the importance of the following factors are sometimes missed:

  • Thorough, consistent and standardized financial analysis tools,

  • Integrated business and contract development tools,

  • Innovative financing techniques and approaches for effective utilization of tax benefits,

  • The formation of a consistent set of documentation that will allow the investment community to assign a premium value to a portfolio of individual assets.

A portfolio of assets, if properly architected from the start, can realize this value. CEI can provide you with the financial analysis tools, documents, training and techniques to successfully deliver on this broader and more profitable vision.

Solar PV

CEI's Offering


CEI has offers a phased, systematic and comprehensive approach that will facilitate both profit and growth in the exciting own and operate marketplace. Through demonstrated and repeated success for our clients, we offer an integrated suite of customizable software tools and services that allow you to screen, value, negotiate, finance, close, manage and recapitalize energy project investments, maximizing the value and managing the risks.


Included in this software and services offering are:


  • World Class and fully customizable financial analysis software that allows you to evaluate the economics of energy projects from your own viewpoint as well as from the viewpoint of every party that you are negotiating with.
  • Terms Sheets / Heads of Agreement that provide the basis for an integrated business development and contracting approach for financing, power purchase agreements, thermal supply agreements, maintenance agreements, and other key contracts.
  • Support for obtaining and optimizing financing.
  • Implementation of an asset management strategy that will allow you to optimize, manage risks and capitalize the inherent value energy projects that can be capitalized and then recapitalized to grow your business and optimize your profitability.



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