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Jon Glazer - Executive Financial Advisor and Senior Analyst
Mr. Jon Glazer has over 20 years experience as a high-level financial analyst, primarily in the energy sector, with international and domestic experience in corporate acquisitions, debt and equity-raising activities, capital investment analysis, and corporate planning functions. He has worked with investment banks, commercial banks, buyout firms and private equity houses on transactions and is familiar with a variety of financing structures including corporate debt, project-finance debt, tax-exempt bond financings, mezzanine debt, leveraged leases and joint ventures.
Mr. Glazer previously directed the Corporate Financial Analysis group at one of the world’s largest power plant developer/operators, and has been a key participant in nearly $4 billion worth of international acquisitions and $800 million worth of domestic asset-backed financings. He is recognized for his analytical orientation, transactional experience, modeling skills, and strong work ethic.  Within the energy industry, Mr. Glazer has been involved in the power generation, energy distribution and retail energy sectors. Within the power generation sector, he has worked with developers, project financiers, investors and asset managers across a broad range of technologies including coal, natural gas, renewables (windpower, landfill gas, ocean thermal energy conversion, biomass), and hydropower.

Mr. Glazer has also provided financial analysis services to businesses in other sectors such as: telecommunications infrastructure, credit card transaction software, internet collaboration tools, web page design software, indoor recreational facilities timeshare marketing, and commercial pilot training.

Mr. Glazer specializes in evaluating acquisition and divestiture opportunities, capital raising alternatives, transaction structuring, transaction due diligence, asset optimization, and corporate planning activities. His extensive knowledge of financial, accounting, tax and commercial arrangements allows him to employ a multidisciplinary approach in his financial modeling and analysis efforts.

Mr. Glazer received his BA in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles. He earned his M.B.A. in Finance and Corporate Accounting from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester, Rochester NY.
Detailed Experience 
Acquisitions and Corporate Financings 
  • US$2.7 billion acquisition of London Electricity, a British electricity distributor and retailer
  • US$1.2 billion acquisition of CitiPower, an Australian electricity distributor and retailer 
Project Financings
  • $393 million construction and permanent financing facility for the Roanoke Valley Power Project, Phases I and II
  • $124 million construction and permanent financing facility for the Rensselaer Power Project
  • $303 million construction and permanent financing facilities for a group of three power generation facilities in Virginia
  • $29 million construction and permanent financing facility for a series of small alternative power generation facilities in Southern California and Maryland
  • $17 million construction and permanent financing facility for a waste-wood recovery facility in Northern California
Equity Solicitations
  • Raised more than $1 million in Series A and B funding for a California-based telecommunications backbone provider
  • Sold $26 million worth of limited partnership interests in a series of landfill gas-fired power projects 


Other Financial Transactions
  • Evaluation of a spin-off of a Fortune 500 company’s Asian assets onto the Singapore or Hong Kong stock exchange.
  • Evaluation of long-term leveraged leases for infrastructure projects, both as a potential lessee and a potential lessor
  • Structured and executed accreting and amortizing interest rate swaps to hedge interest rate risk on various construction and term loans
M&A and Due Diligence
  • A portfolio of infrastructure projects owned by a major Australian corporation (Mr. Glazer was named to lead the due diligence team on this assignment)
  • A portfolio of domestic power projects offered for sale by a major U.S. energy firm
  • A gas distributor and retailer in Australia
  • An electricity distributor in Argentina
  • A construction-stage power plant in Thailand
  • An operating power plant in the U.K.
Corporate Planning
  •  Created a long-term consolidated corporate forecast for a startup firm in the telecommunications infrastructure sector
  • Created a five-year corporate forecast for an online collaboration tool provider that had just received $5 million of funding from Safeguard Scientifics Inc., a leading technology operating company
  • Replaced a software developer’s old five-year financial planning model with a new streamlined version
  • Created long-term consolidated corporate forecasts for a conceptual-stage spin-off pursued by Entergy Power Group
Asset Management
  • Created a financial model to predict likely production levels for several Midwest power plants on an hourly basis over the following 12 months, based on a combination of plant-specific operational criteria, historical data and published forward prices
  • Monitored the ongoing performance of CitiPower for one year after its acquisition, and assisted in the effort to replace a tranche of limited-recourse debt with non-recourse debt
  • Managed the construction loan draw sizing process for various construction-phase infrastructure projects
  • Evaluated technical design changes and contractual changes for various operating infrastructure projects
Forecasts and Validations
  • Ran the Corporate Financial Analysis department at a $15 billion global energy company, leading a team of financial analysts who were responsible for validating the integrity of all key financial forecasts within the company
  • Developed innovative review processes which significantly increased the likelihood of locating forecast errors
  • Identified over $100 million in erroneous value ascribed to a potential acquisition target in Australia